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Community Council Bylaws

Community Council Bylaws

Bylaws followed by Community Council:

Weber County
Pleasant View City, Utah
Lomond View Elementary School Community Council

The name of this organization is Lomond View Elementary School Community Council (LVE SCC), PLEASANT VIEW CITY, UTAH. It is a local School Community Council unit recognized by the Weber School District.

In Utah the annual distribution from the permanent fund, where revenue from school trust lands is deposited, is distributed to every public school in the state through the School LAND Trust Program. Site-based committees prepare plans, approved by local school boards that identify an academic need and a proposed solution using the annual dividend.

Section 1. The Lomond View Elementary School Community Council (LVE SCC) is responsible for the School Improvement Plan (53A-1a-108(3) (a) (i)

Section 2. LVE SCC will assess academic needs and identify the most pressing academic needs of the school.
(53A-1a-108(3) (a) (ii)

Section 3. LVE SCC will prepare an action plan called a School Land Trust Plan to address the need and meet the goal identified. (53A-1a-108.5 (5), (53A-16-101.5(6) (a) (i), (53A-3-701(3), (53A-1-606.5(4)

Section 4. LVE SCC will submit the Plan for the upcoming school year and the Progress Report for this school year, on Lomond View Elementary’s website and the School Land Trust website each spring for approval by the Weber County School District School Board. (53A-1a-108.5 (5), (53A-16-101.5(6) (a) (i), (53A-3-701(3), (53A-1-606.5(4)

Section 5. LVE SCC will participate in the development of the Professional Development Plan (53A-1a-108(3)(a)(iii)

Section 6. LVE SCC will advise the school administration on local school issues (53A-1a-108(3)(v)

Section 7. LVE SCC will provide an opportunity for issues of concern in the community to be presented to the school administration. (R277-491-6F and G)
Section 8. The LVE SCC provides ongoing support in implementation of approved plans. (53A-1a-108.5(7), (53A-16-101.5(6), (53A-3-701(1) , (53A-1-606.5(3),
Section 9. LVE SCCs may assume other tasks and responsibilities relating to their school, such as safety, school climate, student and teacher recognition, etc. that are best addressed through local school collaboration. (53A-1a-108(3) (a) (iv)

Section 1.The voting membership of the LVE SCC must include:
a. The school principal (53A-1a-108(5)(a))
b. At least three school employee members, including the principal. 53A-1a-108 (4)(b)(i)
c. At least five parent or guardian members. 53A-1a-108 (4)(b)(i)
1. Any parent is eligible if they have a child who will be enrolled at the school during the first two-year term of office.
Section 2. The LVE SCC may have more members. The number of parent members must exceed the number of school employees, including the principal, by two. (53A-1a-108(4))

Section 1. "Parent or guardian member" 53A-1a-108:
a. "Parent or guardian member" means a member of a school community council who is a parent or guardian of a student who is attending the school or who will be enrolled at the school at any time during the parent's or guardian's initial term of office. 53A-1a-108 (1)(a)(i)
b. "Parent or guardian member" may not include a person who meets the definition of a school employee member unless the person's employment at the school does not exceed an average of six hours per week. 53A-1a-108 (1)(a)(ii)

Section 2. "School employee member" means a member of a school community council who is a person employed at Lomond View Elementary School, including the principal. 53A-1a-108 (1)(b); these include:
a. Employee or staff of Lomond View Elementary School

Section 1. Each school employee member, except the principal, shall be elected by secret ballot by a majority vote of the school employees and serve a two-year term. The principal shall serve as an ex officio member with full voting privileges. 53A-1a-108 (5)(a)

Section 2. Each parent or guardian member shall be elected by secret ballot at an election held at the school by a majority vote of those voting at the election and serve a two-year term. 53A-1a-108 (5) (b) (i)
a. Only parents or guardians of students attending the school or who have students who will be attending the school in the fall may vote at the election. 53A-1a-108 (4)(b)(ii) and R277-491-3 (B)
1. Parents with students currently enrolled at LVE are eligible to vote in May elections.
2. Parents with students currently enrolled in Kindergarten at LVE are eligible to vote in May elections.

b. Parent members must have a child at the school at least one of the two years of their initial term. 53A-1a-108 (4)(b)(i)
1. Parents with students currently enrolled on May 1st as 4th or 5th graders at LVE are eligible as candidates
2. Parents with students enrolled on May 1st to start Kindergarten at LVE the following August are eligible as candidates.

c. Any parent or guardian of a student who meets the qualifications of this section may file or declare himself as a candidate for election to a school community council. 53A-1a-108 (5)(b)(iii) and R277-491-3(A)
1. A candidate may submit a short biography to be posted in the school newsletter(s) or posted on Community bulletin board(s) at LVE.
2. Any potential candidate missing the filing window may declare themselves a write-in candidate up until 7 days prior to the election. Should this occur a write-in line will be provided on the ballot.
d. Parent members may work at the school for up to six hours per week (average) in a paid position. Those working more must run as employees. 53A-1a-108 (1) (a) (ii)

Section 3. LVE SCC will conduct a September SCC election with newly elected members present at the September SCC meeting. (R277-491-6 (A))
Section 4. Voting
a. “Secure ballot box” means a closed container prepared by the school for the deposit of secret ballots for the school community council elections (R277-491-1(L))
b. Secure ballot boxes will be supplied at the LVE main office.
c. All parents of current LVE students are eligible to vote.
d. All eligible voters must vote in person at LVE. Eligibility shall be verified from a roster of LVE students. This is to ensure full accountability of the election results and provide verification and tracking of votes cast.
e. Each parent will cast a vote for each open seat (i.e.: 3 votes total per parent for 3 open seats), there are no additional votes for subsequent children attending LVE.
f. Voting will occur on two consecutive days in September of each school year. Results will be tabulated following the closure of the poles on the second day.
g. A simple majority of those parents or guardians voting will determine the election. (_53A-1a-108(5)(a)and (5)(b))
h. LVE SCC may establish procedures that allow for ballots to be clearly marked and mailed to the school in the case of geography or school distances that would otherwise discourage parent participation. Hand-delivered or mailed ballots shall meet the same timelines for voters voting in person. (R277-491-3(C))

i. Council members may ask someone to serve on the council if there are no candidates to vote for.

Section 5. The LVE Community Council Chair shall provide notice of the available community council positions to school employees, parents, and guardians at least 14 days before the date that voting commences for the elections (_53A-1a-108 (c)(i)) and (R277-491-4 B)
a. The notice shall include:
1. The dates and times of the elections
2. A list of council positions that are up for election
3. Instructions for becoming a candidate for a community council election
b. The principal of the school, or the principal's designee, shall oversee the elections
c. Ballots cast in an election held shall be deposited in a secure ballot box.

Section 6. Results of the elections held shall be made available to the public upon request. (53A-1a-108(5) (d))

Section 7. Ballots and voting are required only in the event of a school community council contested race (R277-491-3 (E))

Section 8. Unfilled positions (53A-1a-108(5) (e))
a. If a parent or guardian position on a school community council becomes vacant at any time for any reason (other than the ending of a two-year term), the other parent or guardian members of the council shall appoint a parent or guardian who meets the qualifications of this section to fill the position.
b. If a school employee position on a school community council becomes vacant at any time for any reason (other than the ending of a two-year term), the other school employee members of the council shall appoint a school employee to fill the position.
c. The Chair of the community council shall notify the local school board of each appointment via website posting. (53A-1a-108(5)(e) and (R277-477-3F)
d. A member appointed to a school community council shall serve out the remainder of a two-year term (53A-1a-108 (1)(e)(iv))

Section 9. Initial terms shall be staggered so that no more than 50% of the council members stand for election in any one year. (53A-1a-108 (1) (f))

Section 10. Terms of office 3A-1a-108(5) (g) and (R277-491-6)
a. The term of office shall be September 15th through September 14th; each term shall be two years.

Section 1. Officers (53A-1a-108(5) (h) )
a. LVE SCC members shall elect a Chair and a Vice-chair from its parent or guardian members and elected employee members.
b. A principal may not serve as Chair or Vice-chair of the SCC (R277-491-4A)
c. LVE SCC members shall elect a Vice-chair from either group.
d. The Chair and Vice-chair will have terms of office for one year and until their successors are elected .

Section 2. Election of officers – Terms
a. Chair and Vice-Chair will be elected at the final LVE SCC meeting in the spring of the current school year.
b. An officer elected by LVE SCC members may be removed from office for cause by a vote of two-thirds of the LVE SCC. (53A-3-201 )
c. When a vacancy occurs in the office of Chair or Vice-Chair, a replacement shall be elected for the unexpired term. (53A-3-201 )

Section 3. Subcommittees or task forces (53A-1a-108(6) may be created by the LVE SCC to:
a. Advise or make recommendations to the council or
b. Develop all or part of a School Improvement plan.
c. Any plan or part of a plan developed by a subcommittee or task force shall be subject to the approval of the LVE SCC.
d. LVE SCC may appoint individuals who are not council members to serve on a subcommittee or task force, including parents, school employees or other community members.

Section 1. The Chair shall:
a. Preside at all meetings of this LVE SCC.
b. Perform such other duties assigned by the organization
c. Appoint and supervise the LVE SCC representatives and chairpersons of special committees
d. Coordinate the work of the officers, representatives, and committees of this LVE SCC
e. Shall provide the following information to the SCC, with assistance from the school administrator (R277-491-4 B): 1. Notice of dates and times of SCC elections at least 14 days before the elections are held
2. Timely notice of SCC positions that are up for election
3. Instructions for applying to become SCC member together with timelines for submitting information and applications
4. Notice of the SCC meeting schedule, provided in the first 14 days of the school year
5. A summary of the SCC’s actions and activities for the first half of the school year, provided mid-way through the school year
6. A summary of the annual expenditure report of all School LAND Trust Program funds provided to the SCC in the fall of the school year following the school year that the school plans were implemented
7. Posting the SCC meeting information (time, place and date of meeting; meeting agenda and previous meeting minutes) on the school’s website at least one day prior to each meeting, and on the front doors of the school of the day of the meeting.
8. Shall provide information on the school website and the PTA electronic newsletter ensuring that all parents are notified in Section 53A-1a-108 (7) (a).
9. Assisted by the school administrator, shall act in compliance with the rules for community council meetings (52-4-101)

Section 2. The Vice-Chair shall:
a. Serve in the absence of the Chair
b. Support and work closely with the Chair and committee members

Section 3. The Secretary shall:
a. Record the minutes of all meetings of this LVE SCC
b. Be responsible for ensuring minutes of previous meeting are emailed to the school webmaster to publish on the LVE website one week before the upcoming meeting
c. Conduct correspondence as required and requested.

Section 4. The Principal shall:
a. Make a financial report at the initial LVE SCC meeting, and as determined appropriate by the LVE SCC Chairperson.

Section 5: Parent members shall participate fully in the development of various school plans described in Section 53A-1a-108 (3) including, at a minimum (R277-491-5 C):
a. School Improvement Plan
b. School LAND Trust Plan
c. Professional Development Plan

Section 1. LVE SCC meetings are open to the public (52-4-103(7) and (52-4-201(1))
a. A Public Comment Period will be the first agenda item.
b. Visitors giving input during the Public Comment Period will be limited to 5 minutes during the LVE SCC meeting. Any additional concerns or comments may be directed to any LVE SCC member via email or phone. Those additional concerns or comments will then be disseminated to the entire LVE SCC.
c. The LVE SCC will hear/receive input but will not comment during the Public Comment Period.
d. The LVE SCC Chair may ask a visitor to tell the council the subject of their concerns and may decide to put the topic on a future agenda. If the topic is not within the purview of the council, the Chair may ask the individual to take their concern to those who may address it. (School Lands Trust FAQ #23)
e. The LVE SCC may ask for removal of any person from a meeting who willfully disrupts the meeting to the extent that orderly conduct is seriously compromised. (54-4-301)

Section 2. LVE SCC meeting agendas are posted on the school website at least one week in advance and include the date, time, location, and minutes of the last meeting (53A-1a-108(8)and R277-491-4(7)

Section 3. LVE SCC meeting agendas are posted on the front door of the school at least 24 hours in advance and include the date, time, and location of the meeting (52-4-202(1))

Section 4. All LVE SCC minutes include: date; time; location; names of members present and absent; substance of all matters proposed, discussed or decided; a record of votes; name of each person who is recognized by the chair to speak in the meeting; and substance of what is said. (52-4-203(1-2) and 52-4-203(4)(c))

Section 5. A simple majority is required to take action. (52-4-103(4) and (9)

Section 6. The following schedule and report summaries are provided on the school website AND via required means, to each individual household with a student attending the school (53A-1a-108(7)
a. The LVE SCC provides a provisional yearly meeting schedule within the first two weeks of the school year
b. The LVE SCC provides a mid-year summary of the council’s actions and activities to date.
c. The LVE SCC provides a summary of the Final Report of the School LAND Trust Program Plan implementation for the prior year in the fall of the following year on the school website.

Section 7. A school administrator shall assist a LVE SCC to provide information on the school website and in the newsletter ensuring that all parents are notified as provided in Section 53A- 1a-108(7)(a).

The fiscal year of this LVE SCC shall begin on July 1st and end on June 30th.

Section 1. These bylaws may be amended at meeting of this LVE SCC provided:
a. That notice of the proposed amendments shall have been given at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the amendments are voted upon,
b. The proposed amendment passes by simple majority of the members present.