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3rd Grade

Mrs. Larsen

Mrs. Lindhardt

Mrs. Taylor

Supply List

  • 1 – pkg. Ticonderoga pencils
    1 – large pink eraser
    1 – pkg pencil top erasers
    1 – box-colored pencils
    1 – pkg. glue sticks and or Elmer glue
    1 – 2 pocket folder (no metal prongs)
    1 – bag Skittles for Skittles math
    1 – bag candy for treats
    Good quality headphones that fit students head and ears.
    Please label students supplies and no pencil boxes or binders

  • Non-Instructional supplies are appreciated

    Paper towels
    Hand sanitizer
    Disinfectant wipes
    Ziplock bags (gallon, quart or sandwich)