Funding Summary 2017-2018

Funding Summary
School Plan 2017-2018 - Lomond View EL

Goal #1

Improve the reading ability of students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade by 35%, as measured by the DIBELS test

Academic Areas
• Reading

We will use the DIBELS which will give us a baseline indicator at the beginning of the year. Students who are not at grade level in grades K-3 will then be monitored using the DIBELS every 3 to 6 weeks in a progress monitor situation to see if we need to change the instruction those students receive in small groups.

Action Plan Steps
Students in grades K-3 who do not reach benchmark levels as determined by the DIBELs test will receive additional help in small group settings. Aide time will be purchased to allow this help to be given to students in need, or to work with other groups which will allow the teacher to work with those students needing the most help. Early Reading Interventions, Words Their Way, Read Naturally, and other programs will be used to assist learning based upon individual needs

Goal #1 Expenditures

 Category Description Estimated Cost
     Total: $14,000
 Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) Reading aide(s) salary  $14,000

Goal #2 

Technology education will increase typing speed by 5 words per minute and increase the awareness of how the internet and computer aided learning fit into the information age to prepare students to succeed in a world of computers and instant communication.

Academic Areas
• Technology

A typing speed test will be used to assess the amount of improvement in typing grades 3-6 (found on Typing.com.) A baseline test will be given in September and then again in May to determine improvement. To assess student awareness of technology, Power Point, spreadsheets, Internet navigation, Google Drive apps, and Word Processing abilities will be taught and used by students under supervision and teachers will take running records as well as requiring certain grade level skill competencies.

Action Plan Steps
1. Students in every grade will receive age appropriate instruction designed to help them understand technology, its uses in learning, and distribution of information. To make this happen, a technology aide will be utilized to plan and teach lessons under the direction of the classroom teacher that will expose students to the educational usage of Power Point, spreadsheets, Internet navigation, and word processing as well as other educational programs that emphasize what students are learning in their CORE classes. Typing will be taught in grades 3 through 6, which will assist students in taking the SAGE test, especially the writing component where students are expected to type multiple paragraphs. This goal will also help with our professional development allowing teachers to work in learning communities and lesson studies while their kids are working on technology lessons with a trained para-professional.
2. Teachers will receive training on Tech Wednesdays from a 6th grade teacher at our school, who knows how to use the technology from a teacher's perspective. He will help teachers to see new uses of technology, the latest software, educational options, and provide follow-up support. This teacher will be encouraged to attend the UCET conference and continue to keep up on current technology advances to then keep the rest of the faculty current on best practices with technology.
3. To assist our technology aide in the dissemination of information and to ensure that all students can hear, we are going to purchase a microphone and speaker system for our computer lab.

Goal #2 Expenditures

 Category  Description Estimated Cost
     Total: $12,600
Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)   Technology aide salary  
 Equipment (Computer Hardware, Instruments, Furniture) (730)  microphone and speaker  $1,200


Goal #3 

Increase the engagement level of students by 10% as measured by walk through data collected monthly by school principal.

Academic Areas
• Reading
• Mathematics
• Writing
• Technology
• Science
• Fine Arts
• Social Studies
• Health

Engagement of students will affect all students in all academic areas. Student engagement levels will be determined utilizing a school wide observation form adapted from the Educations Innovations consulting company. This form will help in tracking student opportunities to respond and a visual engagement checklist by the principal. This will take place in every classroom school-wide in the first 3 weeks of school. A comparison will be taken mid-year and again in May to assess improvement of engagement at the school.

Action Plan Steps
1. Professional Development will assist teachers in their delivery of engaging lessons. Two 4-hour training sessions will occur, one in September and one in January. As well as professional development faculty meetings, that occur at least monthly.
2. Teachers will participate in Professional Learning Communities on a weekly basis by learning about best practices, discussion of their lessons, a monthly lesson study where they video themselves teaching and then work with other teachers to improve their teaching. To make this time available to teachers, we will need to have an aide take one of the classes, the gym teacher will take one class, and the computer aide will take the last class, thus utilizing them not only for technology, but also for the professional development time.
3. Our school improvement team (10 members) will participate in the Solution Tree PLC conference in September to learn how to improve our current PLC process.
4. To improve individual teacher performance, we will hire a substitute to take a class once a week for two of our highly effective teachers to work with other teachers on curriculum and on teaching practice. They will be in the role of instructional coaches to help teachers in areas where they want to improve engagement, curriculum, and classroom management.
5. Our music teacher, hired with the help of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art Grant, will assist teachers in utilizing music to engage students at the same time he is teaching core concepts. This teacher will be showing teachers how to teach math, science, reading, etc. utilizing music to help students remember the more difficult parts. By working with our mentor school, Weber State University, we will be utilizing best practice and learning from other teachers who are also using other art forms to teach core concepts.
6. To improve science and math lessons, teachers will include manipulatives and science experiments. To accomplish this goal, supplies and manipulatives will be purchased as to make the learning more hands-on. Since 6th grade will be adopting a new science Core, they will be given extra assistance to purchase new manipulatives that will aid in engaging instruction.
7. To improve engagement, we will also purchase a classroom set of Chromebooks. We know students love to work on computers. The Internet is a wonderful source of information, and there are many apps to engage students in real-world learning assignments. Typing will also be practiced on this Chromebook lab to help with the technology goal.
8. To improve our engagement and performance in writing, we are going to look at a pilot program to help our writing. We will purchase enough writing materials to pilot some writing programs to see which program helps our students the most, as well as meets the criteria for the Core curriculum and matching SAGE expectations. When we find the program we are looking for, we will purchase the materials which will enable teachers to feel more comfortable teaching writing, and which will enable students to be more engaged in their writing experience
9. The last place where engagement will increase is that 5th grade will be engaged through the curriculum of Junior Achievement where they learn about the workforce, banking and finances and then put it all into practice going to 'work for a day' at the Junior Achievement City in Salt Lake.

Goal #3 Expenditures

 Category  Description  Estimated Cost
     Total: $24,400
Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)    salary for music teacher 3000 salary for PLC aide 3000 substitute for instructional coaching time 1500  $7,500
 RETIRED. DO NOT USE (500) Admission or traveling expense to Junior Achievement City experience for 5th grade   $500
 General Supplies (610)  Math and science manipulative and hands-on materials for student use $1,400 
 Textbooks (641)  writing materials  $4,000
 Equipment (Computer Hardware, Instruments, Furniture) (730) 30 Chromebooks and charging cart   $11,000


Goal #4 

Improve the mathematical abilities of students who struggle in the 3rd through 6th grade level with their basic math functions by 30%.

Academic Areas
• Mathematics

Grade-level math SLO assessments or SAGE Benchmark assessments will be used for identification of students with lagging skills. These tests will be given in September and then re-given at the end of the year at a minimum. We will specifically be looking at those students who received help with the math aide to show progress from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Action Plan Steps
Aide(s) will be hired to work on building fluency and understanding of concepts with those students who are identified as not having a sufficient understanding. She will be able to work with a small group of students on a weekly basis to improve understanding utilizing manipulatives and simple arithmetic fluency speed.
We will also be piloting the premium version of Ten Marks math program in the 4th grade to determine if it is helpful to increase the understanding of students as well as increase their fluency.

Goal #4 Expenditures

 Category  Description Estimated Cost
     Total: $6,900
Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)   Math aide  $6,000
 Software (670) Ten Marks professional version  $900


Summary of Estimated Expenditures

 Category  Estimated Cost
   (entered by the school)
   Total: $57,900
 Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200)  $38,900
 RETIRED. DO NOT USE (500)  $500
General Supplies (610)  $1,400
 Textbooks (641) $4,000
 Software (670) $900 
Equipment (Computer Hardware, Instruments, Furniture) (730) $12,200


Funding Estimates

 Estimates   Totals
Estimated Carry-over from the 2016-2017 Progress Report    $1,098
Estimated Distribution in 2017-2018    $57,801
Total ESTIMATED Available Funds for 2017-2018    $58,899
Summary of Estimated Expenditures For 2017-2018   $57,900 
This number may not be a negative number Total ESTIMATED Carry Over to 2018-2019   $999

Increased Distribution

The 2017-2018 distribution in this plan is an estimate. If the actual distribution is more than the estimate, how will additional funds be spent to implement the goals described in the plan?
If there are any additional, remaining, or funds that cannot be used for the stated purpose, we will increase funding to one of the current goals. This could include: The purchase of additional Chromebooks in goal #3, paying for PLC conference expenses for the school improvement team in Goal #3, hiring additional aide time to help students in reading or math as in Goal #1 and #4, increasing amount for manipulatives and other hand-on supplies, and or purchasing projectors as they burn out so teachers can continue to use their computers and SMART boards which aids in engagement for Goal #3.


• Letters to policy makers and/or administrators of trust lands and trust funds.
• Sticker and stamps that identify purchases made with School LAND Trust funds.
• School newsletter
• School website
• School marquee

Council Plan Approvals

 Number Approved  Number Not Approved Number Absent  Vote Date
 8  0  0  2017-02-07


Plan Amendments

Approved Amendment #1

Explanation for Amendment

Sending a group of teachers to the PLC conference was written in this year's plan, but there was not money allocated to pay for the conference or substitutes. As a result, we voted to amend our budget to include $6,021 for the PLC conference for the fall of 2017 and $1,341 for substitutes for the PLC Conference in the fall of 2017. This will be funded with the $4,990 carry over from last year and the remaining $2,372 will be funded using salaries which are going to be less than initially projected. In addition, our school council voted to take $2,300 to lease rather than purchase a Chromebook lab. This will be funded under 'increased Distribution'. (The two members who weren't present received an email with the details of the amendment which they responded with their approval).