Guide to LucidChart

Weber School District Guide to Lucidchart
An easy-to-use diagramming tool that’s integrated with Google Apps.
Lucidchart is a web-­based diagramming tool that allows users to collaborate in real time to create flowcharts online, as well as Venn diagrams, mind maps, and mockups for websites or mobile apps. Students and teachers can make comments, add images, import videos, and much more—all without leaving the editor.
Intro Video

Basic Introduction to LucidChart (Note: This YouTube video may not play for all users at school.)

● Log in to Lucidchart at: https://www.lucidchart.com/users/login
● If your school uses Google Apps for Education, you can also log in from
https://www.google.com/drive/ by clicking the App Launcher (see below), then click “More” and select Lucidchart.


● You can also create a new Lucidchart document from Google Drive by clicking “Create” and selecting Lucidchart.

Basic Features
Lucidchart allows anyone to visualize tasks, ideas, and processes by dragging and dropping shapes onto the canvas. Once you’ve logged into Lucidchart, click “More Shapes” on the bottom­ left side to see all of the use cases we support. You’ll find that Lucidchart is an easy­-to­-use diagram maker, flowchart maker, and even a Visio online alternative. Below are a few examples of what you can build with Lucidchart:

Classroom instruction


Lucidchart also includes collaboration features like multiple­-user commenting and editing, real­ time chat, and document sharing.
How can I get help with Lucidchart?
These resource centers can help you get acquainted with Lucidchart and explore its functionality in more detail. If you ever encounter a problem with Lucidchart, check out these links and you’re likely to find an answer. Can’t find what you need? Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll be happy to help.
Lucidchart Tutorials Center  Visit our tutorials to find FAQs, links to video tutorials, user community discussions and answers, and tips to get the most out of Lucidchart.
Lucidchart Support Home Page  Lucidchart’s help center has dozens of Q&A posts to help users save time.
Lucidchart Beginner’s Guide  This guide for beginners delivers answers to users’ most common questions, along with additional resources.
What are the requirements for using Lucidchart?
To use Lucidchart for Weber School District, you will need:
● To be a current Weber School District student, teacher or administrator.
● The latest version of any web browser (Google Chrome is recommended).