SAGE Parent Reports


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):


Scores from the 2014 administration of the SAGE Summative Assessments in Mathematics, Language Arts and Science have now been released. In an effort to support parents/guardians in obtaining and using that information to facilitate student success, we've posted your student's individual score reports to the MyWeber site. These reports contain explanations of the various proficiency levels, indicate areas of student strengths and weaknesses, give comparative data from state and district-level groups and will eventually show student performance over time.


In order to access these informative reports, you'll need a MyWeber Parent Account. If you need to create a new account, simply navigate to the Weber School District website (wsd.net) and click on the Parents and Students tab. Choose Create a MyWeber Account on the left-hand panel and select the Register Now! link. At this point, you can enter the necessary information to build your account. If you have a question or problem along the way, a list of frequently asked questions is also housed on that webpage that should assist you in the process. A similar method is available by clicking on the MyWeber (Portal) Support link located on the left-hand panel.

Once your account has been established, you can find your student's report by navigating to myweber.wsd.net. Enter the username and password and click on Log In. Under each child's name, you'll see a Documents tab. Click the link and then select View Document to the right of Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence. At that point, you'll have full access to the Individual Student Reports in all three subject areas. An interpretive guide for this report can be found at: https://webertube.com/download.php?key=136d6243d4f70c826634 .


Weber School District and your student's school are committed to helping you understand the new SAGE reports and to provide any needed clarifying information. Please contact your local schools for additional information.


Sheri Heiter

Assessment and Accountability Specialist

Curriculum Specialist: Mathematics


Download the pdf format of this letter