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New 'Drop Off' Procedures:

Parents, we would like to thank the PTA for their wonderful help in making our drop off run more smoothly and more safe this year. Using the area out front for cars to drop off students seems to have make the drop off easier and quicker. We love their great ideas, and in an attempt to be more safe and decrease some of the congestion that is still occurring at 8:30, we are going to make the following changes and offer a few suggestions:


The front doors will remain locked from 8:15 until 8:45 AM. We are trying to encourage students to not congregate in front of the building before school. With large groups there, horseplay often occurs and there is a danger of students getting bumped out in to the lanes where cars are coming by. Instead if they come for breakfast the will use the 3rd/4th grade hallway entrance. Those not coming for breakfast can wait by the doors where they come in from recess and then come in when the bell rings at 8:28. We have playground supervision in the morning out by the big toy and when the morning is cold or raining, we also have supervision in the portable where students can go to stay warm and dry. We are hoping that this will also encourage students coming from the north to be dropped off at the top of the stairs in the north parking lot. Parents can then turn right on to 3650 N. and avoid all congestion on 900 W. Never drop off or pick up students on the other side of the road on 900 W. Students coming from the south can be dropped off on 900 W. (on the side closest to the school so they don't have to cross the road) or in the drop off circle and then walk around to the door where they come in at recess. Parents then should be able to turn around and return south bound on 900 W. We realize this is an ideal situation and not all drivers will know about the plan, but we hope to educate parents and students well so they can help grandparents, carpools and other drivers of the 'best' option. Locking the front doors will start January 20th. We will have a week where we have some friendly helpers and reminders out front for students.


The parking lot of the church on the corner of Pleasant View Dr. and 900 W. has a lot of space and is a great option for dropping off students. They then get some great exercise to get the blood flowing to their brains. Also, walking with your students is a great way to get them talking to you-something you are going to wish they did more of when they turn 16.

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