Lomond View Lions ROCK!

We pledge to be

 Respectful -- in what we do and say.

Obedient -- to each and every rule.

Careful -- in our work and play.

Kind -- just because it's cool.

Positive Incentives

Students who follow the Lions ROCK rules may receive the following positive reinforcements:

In-class incentives provided by the teacher

Caught Being Good slips

Principal's Awards

Cool Cat Awards

Quarterly ABC-UBI Lions Rock Parties

discipline flowchart

Location Rules

Classroom Rules

Be ready to learn

Listen to and follow directions

Hands/feet/objects to self

Encourage others


Lunchroom Rules

Use inside voice
Clean up
Stay where assigned
Use good manners


Hall Rules

Voices off
Stay with group
Hands/feet/objects to self
Walk to the right


Assembly Rules

"High 5" attention
Sit on pockets
Hands/feet/objects to self
Applaud appropriately


Playground Rules

Use proper language
Follow adults' directions
Hands/feet/objects to self
Include others


Restroom Rules

Use inside voice
Hurry back to class
Use equipment properly
Wash hands


Library Rules

Use whisper voice
Follow directions
Use a ruler
Use books gently


Computer Rules

Voices off
Follow directions
Use equipment properly
Stay in your own space


Gym Rules

Listen to directions
Play by the rules
Use equipment properly
Include others

Office Consequences

 1st offense: Student counseled, parents notified, behavioral writing, loss of privileges

2nd offense: Parents notified, loss of privileges, detention, in-school suspension
3rd offense: In- or out-of-school suspension, parent conference, behavioral contract
Severe offense: School suspension, district/police referral, reinstatement contract
Severe offenses may include but are not limited to the following:
willful disobedience, defiance, property destruction, drugs, weapons, fighting