Student Concerns

We have already started making the classes for next year. As a reminder, we try to balance academic, behavior, emotional, and other concerns while taking into consideration the Boy/Girl ratio and other factors that make classes more easily managed by teachers. We understand that each student is important and take the assignment of a teacher for next year very seriously- that is why we have asked for all specific requests to be in by April 1st. At this point we ask that you trust our placement as we assign students their teacher for next year. If you have more questions about how this process happens, please read the policy of Lomond View as was defined by the Community Council.

Adopted resolutions by Community Council on 11/3/2014
Whereas Senate Bill 122, 2014 now written in state code 53A-15-1501 through 1503 provides for some items that could be controversial and easily misunderstood or misconstrued, we, the undersigned Community Council members, set the following guidelines to be used when making decisions to enact section 53A-15-1503 part 3 of Utah Code:
1. Initial selection of a teacher will be based upon many factors and will follow the following guidelines listed in order of significance:
a. Academic need of students. The school's main purpose is to help educate all students and students' academic need will be considered as a priority. Emotional needs play into academic performance and will be considered while balancing the academic needs.
b. Teacher and classroom needs will be considered while trying to place students in classes. Class sizes and number of students with concerns can have a great impact upon the ability to teach students. Teachers classes will not have a variance in size greater than 2 (two) students. Teacher's classes will be as balanced as possible in student behavior concerns, students needing extra attention or assistance, and boy/girl ratios.
c. Student interaction concerns will be considered. Some students do not interact well together and it is best to keep them separated by placing them in different classes. If there is an academic need, that will be considered first in the placement of the two or more students with these concerns.
d. Parent, student, or other preference will be considered as the school is able to reasonably make them work while taking into consideration sections a, b, and c above. If there are two requests in debate the request with the fewest number of previous requests will be given preference.

Kevin Chase
Principal – Lomond View Elementary
3644 N. 900 W.
Pleasant View, UT 84414

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Note: You will need to download the student concerns form using the link above, complete it, and return it to the school.

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