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Our school

(801)-452-4780  |  3644 North 900 West, Ogden, UT 84414

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School Policies

Lomond View Elementary is committed to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment where all students embrace learning to reach their full potential.

We want to help all students to SEE (Support, Engage and Embrace learning) their Full Potential.


Please review the following policies and procedures. We look forward to providing a positive learning environment with high quality teaching and learning for ALL students in each classroom.

Lomond View Policies and Procedures

Admissions: New students enrolling at Lomond View Elementary must provide two proofs of residency, an original birth certificate and immunization records. Kindergarten students enrolling in school must be 5 years old on or before September 1st of the school year they are enrolling. Students who are currently enrolled in the school must register online through the WSD parent portal ( each school year. This includes updating student information and emergency contacts as needed. Both the parent and student must read and electronically sign agreements to district and school policies and procedures.

Attendance: Regular attendance is crucial and the key to student growth and progress in school. It is difficult to “make up” missed instruction after not being present at school. Students are expected to attend school unless they are ill or attending to a family emergency. Please do everything possible to have your child at school each day on time. Our office staff makes daily attendance calls to homes with students who are absent. If your child is going to be absent or late for any reason please contact the office at (801) 452-4780.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters etc.: Students riding bicycles, scooters or skateboards must walk (or carry them) while on school grounds to ensure the safety of all students. Bicycles must be locked up at the bike rack. Skateboards must be kept in backpacks or remain out of the way in the backpack/coat area in the hallway. The school is not responsible for bicycles, scooters, skateboards, or any other mode of transportation.

Cancellation or delayed start of school: If there is a need to cancel or postpone school for any unforeseen circumstance information will be sent out via text and email for those who have signed up in the portal to receive notifications. In addition, it will be posted on our district and school website. It is critical you sign up to receive these notifications. In an emergency situation that requires school to be canceled during the school day, notifications will be sent out in the same manner and our school will follow our district “reunification” procedures. Please make sure at all times we have your current contact information.


● Weber School District has the responsibility to transport bus students to and from school to their assigned bus stops.

● Students who are not on the regular passenger list are not permitted to ride the bus.

● Students are under the direction of the bus driver while on the bus.

● All passengers are expected to be courteous to the driver and their fellow students. Students are to remain seated while the bus is in motion, and obey all other bus rules and any instructions from the bus driver.

● Students who refuse to listen to the bus driver and be courteous and respectful to others may forfeit their privilege of riding the bus.

Due to liability and safety concerns, we adhere to the bussing policy set forth by Weber School District and the Utah State Office of Education and Risk Management.

● The policy states that drivers are not authorized to allow eligible students to change buses, to be dropped off at unassigned stops or to allow students not assigned to a route to ride the bus. Transporting students to activities such as parties, scouts, piano lessons, daycare, etc. will NOT be allowed. Students not on the regular passenger list will not be permitted to ride the bus.

If you feel that you must request an exception to this policy because of extenuating circumstances, (i.e. a relative will be taking care of your students while you are out of town), you will need to fill out and sign a form which can be picked up in the office at the school. All forms must be signed personally, phone calls are not accepted. After the form is completed it will be sent to transportation for approval. Please be advised the process takes a few days to complete. You may also call the transportation supervisor at 801-476-7930 if you have concerns.

Check In and Check Out: Students must sign in at the office when they arrive late or are returning to school after being checked out. Your child’s safety is our number one priority. The individual checking out the student MUST be on the emergency contact list. An ID may be required to verify identity. All students who are checked out must do so through the main office. Students are not allowed to leave school grounds during school hours for any reason without being checked out by a parent/guardian or an approved emergency contact. The emergency contact must come into the school office to sign out the student and our office staff will then call the student out of class to meet parents in the office.

Classroom Treats: It is prohibited to bring home prepared foods to be sent to school as treats and shared with others. Students may bring these foods for their own consumption at lunch or for special classroom occasions to be used personally. Treats to be shared with other students must first have the permission of the teacher (such as birthday treats) and then, according to Utah rule, be “commercially prepared and individually wrapped”. At times we have severe classroom allergies such as peanuts so please make sure you confirm with the classroom teacher if there are particular foods or treats that should not be sent to school.

Digital Media Device (DMD) Policy: DMD’s include but are not limited to cell phones, computers, cameras, mp3/iPod, tablets, CD/DVD players, USB thumb drives, video games, and other electronic or

battery powered instruments/toys/devices.

➔ Use of Digital Media Devices: The use of any media device by students during the school day is prohibited. Because of the disruption of the educational process and/or the risk that these devices may be broken, lost, or stolen. Students are discouraged from bringing them to school. If an extenuating circumstance requires that the device be brought to school it must be turned off and stored in backpacks, book bags or other areas designated by the teacher. They should not be seen or heard.

➔ Exceptions: This policy does not apply to the sanctioned use of the digital media devices by students under the direct supervision of their teachers for educational purposes or emergency and special situations as approved by the school administration.

➔ Consequences for Violation of Policy: Violation of this policy shall result in the confiscation of the digital media device.

◆ First Offense: Student will be asked to put device away, reminded of the DMD policy and instructed to comply.

◆ Second Offense: DMD is taken from the student and is kept in the office, the parent is contacted and the parent may retrieve the DMD from the office.

◆ Third Offense: The DMD is not allowed at school for the remainder of the school year.

Insubordination will result in disciplinary action which may include suspension from


Note: Misuse of the digital media devices is additionally addressed in Policy 8350 Digital Media Devices and Policy 5200 Student Discipline Policy (including Safe School Policy).

➔ Other Provisions:*Students bring digital media devices on school property or to school activities at their own risk. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged electronic equipment.

Dress Code: Student clothing and personal hygiene is an important part of a positive learning environment. In an effort to maximize a positive learning environment at Lomond View Elementary, the following dress code will apply. This dress code will be enforced while students are at school and at all school activities. We encourage all adults visiting our school to set a good example for our students and take this code as a standard for their appearance as well—Thank you!

Unacceptable items or clothing include, but are not limited to:

● Clothing not ordinarily worn in the workplace (i.e. robes, pajamas, house slippers, etc.)

● Clothing that does not cover underwear or underwear areas (large armholes or sheer, fishnet, skin tight clothing, or inappropriate openings). Underwear worn on top of outer clothing or where it is exposed.

● Length of shorts or skirts shorter than mid-thigh

● Tops that are low cut, show midriff, or spaghetti straps. This includes: halter, tube and tank tops and straps less than 3” across the shoulder.

● Clothing or other items advertising or displaying controlled and/or legal substance, inappropriate or suggestive language or gang related. (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gang badges, gang signs or symbols, spike jewelry, chains, etc.)

● Hats, headgear and sunglasses may not be worn in the building.

● Hair color, hair style or make-up that is conspicuous, extreme, or odd in color or appearance such that it draws undue attention or tends to disrupt or interfere with the learning atmosphere at school.

● No shoes (shoes, sandals, or flip flops must be worn at all times. More restrictive shoes may be required for safety reasons in some areas.

● Any exceptions to the above procedures must be approved by the principal.

Drop-off/Pick-up: Breakfast is available starting at 8:15 each morning. When the weather permits students will wait outside and line up at the classroom door nearest to their classroom and wait until the first bell after which their teacher will come out to get the class. If your child eats breakfast here at school they will leave the cafeteria after eating (through the doors they exit during lunch) and line up outside with their class. If we have excessively inclement weather students will come inside the building before school starts. Adult supervision for students begins fifteen minutes before the bell rings so we ask you to please ensure that students arrive no earlier than fifteen minutes before school begins and leave no later than fifteen minutes after school is released.

● The front of the building is bus loading and unloading. Please do not drop off or pick students in the bus zone in the front of the school between 7:55-8:30 and 2:45-3:30. This is a fire lane so there can be no parking during school hours in this area.

● If you drop off or pick in the north parking lot students need to walk on the yellow walking lane and wait until their ride arrives. Students are not to cross through the parking lot without being accompanied by an adult. Please pick up on the right side and drive through to exit on the left.

● Students being dropped off must be accompanied by an adult if they are crossing the street.


Lost and Found: Each year we gather quite a few lost and found items. These are placed in the front hallway near the office. One week after each Parent Teacher Conference and the last day of school any unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Parent Conferences: Effectively communicating with you about your child is critical to their success in school. We feel it is extremely important for parents to stay in close contact with their child’s teacher concerning his/her progress. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher any time it may be necessary. If you would like to set up a special visit with your child’s teacher please arrange for a time that is convenient for all (before or after school hours). During each Parent teacher conference our goal is to meet with each family.

Students: We have a statement used through all areas of our building including the restroom, hallway, playground, lunchroom, classroom, library, etc. It is that Lions ROCK! The Rock stands for Respectful, Obedient, Careful, and Kind. In each of the areas we have different ways that students show that Lions ROCK. This is taught and reviewed throughout the school year in the classroom and on morning announcements. To reinforce positive behavior we see, students receive “Caught Being Good” slips as well as Principal 200 tickets and other positive reinforcements. If there is student behavior that disrupts the learning environment or is unsafe the following measures may take place:

-Oops tickets

-Loss of privileges

-Office referral

-”Think-time” in a classroom or the office

-Parent contact

-In or out of school suspension

-Referral to District Student Services

Student Discipline Policy: Refer to the Weber District Student Discipline Policy:

Telephones: If your child has a need, we have phones in the office available to use. However, please arrange any after school social engagements beforehand so school phones aren’t used for that purpose. If your child brings a cellphone to school they must remain “off” during school hours and kept in the student’s backpack throughout the day. See the Digital Media Device policy above. If students are ill or may need to be checked out of school for any reason those calls should go through the main office.

Toys and Personal Items: In order to prevent distractions to the learning environment and items becoming lost or damaged it is important that all toys and personal items be left home (ipods, DS and other devices). The school is not responsible for any loss or damage to items being brought from home.

Visitors: Parents and other visitors are welcome at our school. We want you to visit, eat lunch, and volunteer to support the education of all children. Reminder: All visitors must enter through the front doors and check-in at the office. Even if you are just dropping something off to your student or staying for a short time.

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