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Lomond View Elementary School Community Council
Location: Lomond View MakerSpace room #9
Time: 3:30
Minutes for meeting on: November 18, 2019

Present: Justin Skeen, Lisa Johnson, Dawneen Baker, Emily Mangum, Emily Hall, Amanda McKay, Jen Fife, Jaclyn Wintle

Welcome/Introductions: Jaclyn welcomed the group and turned the time over to Mr. Skeen.

Update on current school TrustLand and TSSA plans: Mr. Skeen gave brief summaries on how the plan is going and what the money has been spent on. These include:
PLC conference 6 teachers go – everyone but 2 have gone
PLC time during the week (1.5 hours away from kids) has been time well spent.
Chromebooks are going well. Mrs. Baker shared a few examples of how the implementation is going.
Math with Megan Calderwood in the intervention groups is going really well. Students are being able to fill the gaps they need with Megan’s help.
Typing - Mrs. Lindhardt runs a PLC rotation and uses the Typing Club program to teach students typing which is a necessary skill today. Typing classes are no longer taught in junior high, students are needing to learn this skill in elementary now.

Reading Horizons training for teachers
This is a phonics program for students that has shown great success and huge growth in accuracy.
Students learn: phonics rules, how to mark the vowel in a word, how to break up words (chunk up), how to attack a (big) word, etc.
The program is being used in grades K to 3. 4th grade teachers are trained also
Each teacher has a kit for their own classroom.
Most of the expense comes through TSSA money.

This Spring (March 2020), RTI is coming to SLC. (Response to Intervention <-- the next step of the PLC process)
6 people are going through TSSA
meet needs of individual students
Gives extension ideas as well as ideas to help those struggling
Intervention Tiers (triangle model)
Tier 1 – whole classroom, grade level instruction, 80% should get it
Tier 2 – grade level instruction, take test, still need help,
Tier 3 – fill in grade level gaps (they should have learned earlier), usually 5-10% of the class

Leader in Me is coming later. Mr. Skeen will study this through with the staff next year.

Project Lead the Way update:
- teachers had training with Jayna Frost (Green Acres 4th grade teacher)
- Angeana Erickson is assisting with the Project Lead the Way program (TSSA funds)
- Kindergarten core module will be taught this year
- Next year it will be grade core specific
- Project lead the way helps teach the do (actively participating and problem solving) in science
- Teaches how to think through the process

School Mission Statement: Mr. Skeen and the staff have come up with a new school mission statement, it is:


· Mr. Skeen wants to teach and model these concepts within the school and classrooms.
· empowering students is the goal
· teaching students the skills they need for their future
· learn at high levels
· Mr. Skeen would like everyone to know this statement by heart and what it means
· our theme for next year

- this is done every other year
- it is training for kids
- Topics it addresses are: body safety and what is and isn’t appropriate
- Go to: for more information and training for adults
- this will be done in January at Lomond View
- Notes will go home to parents explaining this
- It is an opt out program so if parents don’t want their kids learning it, they will need to say so
- Training online for anyone (highly encouraged)
- The trained professionals will come into individual classes to teach and discuss these things.

Other Items:
Come with thoughts and ideas next meeting for our new TrustLands plan. What needs do our students have? Also be thinking about the technology upgrades that Mr. Skeen discussed about upgrading the smart boards. The smart boards are starting to have problems. Schools are starting to move towards the touch screens - $4200 touch screen 85 inches and 75 inches $2800.

Future Meeting Dates: Monday was decided as the best day to meet and the following dates were selected for meeting. We will meet in our MakerSpace room #9 at 3:30 for our meetings.
January 13
February 3
February 27
April 20


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