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February 19, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Lomond View Elementary School Community Council

Minutes for meeting on: February 19, 2019

Present: Justin Skeen, Lisa Johnson, Dawneen Baker (left early), Jen Fife, Lexie Stokes, Kelli Jones, Jaclyn Wintle, Brittany McConkie

Welcome: Jaclyn welcomed the group and turned the time over to Justin to report the following information.

Dibels MID YEAR data:
(BOY - beginning of year ~ MOY - middle of year)
Grade K – 78% BOY, 77% MOY
Grade 1 – 77% BOY, 73% MOY
Grade 2 – 91% BOY, 95% MOY
Grade 3 – 95% BOY, 92% MOY

Mr. Skeen and the teachers of each grade listed above look closely at this data to see what was missed (any glaring holes), identify students that need extra help and make plans to help each student. This data is also used to celebrate the growth of each student. Teachers are looking at individual kids and how to help them. Weekly meetings are held with teachers to ensure that each student is moving in right direction.

Typing data from Anneke Lindhardt (computer teacher):
Mr. Skeen shared the words per minute typing test results for grades 3-6. Great progress has been made since the beginning of the year. Mr. Skeen will bring typing averages for each grade to the next meeting. Each grade practices typing on the Typing Club program.

Review current 2018-19 TrustLand Plan:
Reading Goal - We are currently at a 3% increase in proficiency and our goal is to get to 4% increase.
Math Goal – Our goal is to reach 30% growth increase on the SGA (student growth assessment) – A benchmark test that is given in September, January and May that contains each grade level’s entire content for the year.
Typing Goal - Our goal is to have each student increase by 5 words per minute by the end of the year.
Expenditures for this year - Salaries will come in lower for this year so Mr. Skeen is thinking of getting needed projectors now (they are slowly going out). There are about 12 more that are needing to be replaced (at about $859 each). Another option was discussed as well. Does the school look into phasing out projectors and move to Smart TVs or regular TV screens that can do Google Chrome Casting. It was about $1100 for the setup of the conference room TV. Mr. Skeen was going to look into pricing for these options. Mr. Skeen was also going to do a survey to ask teachers what they use their projectors for, what they use their Smartboards for and how they would use a new Smart TV or regular TV.

NEW TrustLand Plan for 2019-2020:
It was discussed whether to keep the same 3 goals from this past year or change it to 2 (just reading and math). It was decided to keep 3 goals. Mrs. Johnson mentioned that we should look at increasing the math goal to a 40% growth increase instead of 30%. Lexie mentioned that we should modify our typing goal specifically for students grades 3-6. A WIFI connection for the gym was mentioned as a need. Science and math manipulatives are also needed.

We are expecting about $60,000 total for next year for Trustlands money. The Trustlands budget is increasing next year by around 12% which will help offset the loss of around 150 students that will go to the new school being built currently. We are planning on carrying over 10% of the current year budget to cushion this loss as well as the added expense of becoming a 1 to 1 school. Mr. Skeen would still like to send the remaining teachers who haven’t been to the PLC conference in SLC - one more round should cover every teacher.

Fundraiser in the Spring:
The fundraiser is going well and will be used for technology related items and security cameras. The security cameras are around $1000 each and are really nice because they show several angles (4 cameras in 1).

  • Other Comments and Concerns:
    All Community Council members please attend the March 5th meeting. We will be discussing and voting on next year’s plan.
  • 1 to 1 for next year - $16,000-20,000 will be the yearly allotment that our school needs to pay. This amount could come from fundraising. Ten percent of the amount is going to a fund dedicated to replace equipment that is broken. Computers will follow the student from grade to grade. Computers will be replaced every 4 years (lease agreement term). The computers will be kept in a protective cart when not in use. Students will not be taking the computers home. There is an ongoing yearly cost for the lease of the Chromebooks - this amount will be the same every year.
  • JA City may be going away. They are looking to replace the program. The current program has new requirements and costs that aren’t favored.
  • The AmeriCorp Star Reading Tutoring Program is also going away. A new program will be looked into so that kids needing this tutoring for reading will still get it.
  • Mr. Skeen said one of the computer labs will be going away due to becoming a 1 to 1 school. They are thinking of several ideas to use this space, one being a Maker Space area (science and math).
  • Headsets will be needed next year for every student. It was suggested to put this on the teacher’s donation list for back to school items needed. The specific type of headset needed will be explained on this list. For students not bringing one from home, one will be provided by the school. Fundraiser or Trustlands money could be used for this.

Future suggested meeting dates:
(Note: all meetings will be at 3:30 pm)
March 5, 2019
April 30, 2019

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