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November 13, 2018 Community Council Minutes

Lomond View Elementary School Community Council

Minutes for meeting on: November 13, 2018

Present: Justin Skeen, Lisa Johnson, Dawneen Baker, Jen Fife, Lexi Stokes, Brittany McConkie, Kelli Jones, Jaclyn Wintle

Welcome: Jaclyn welcomed the group and turned the time over to Justin to report information.

Discussion about results of the lockdown drill:
Lockdown drill went well overall and served its purpose. The kids were prepared. Police from Pleasant View Police Department came in uniform and opened each door. Some of the keys weren’t working, new keys have been ordered. A few doors were missing numbers. The school map needs to be updated also. The new front doors will soon be in operation. Those wishing to enter the school (once the doors are locked) will need to ring the doorbell. Office staff will be able to see via the camera who is entering and can then unlock the door. Parents still need to sign in at the office and wear a badge labeling them a visitor.

Discussion of plans for reunification drill:
A parent night has been scheduled for Monday, November 19th to explain procedures for reunification drill and answer any questions. District representatives will be in attendance as well as the Pleasant View Police Department. More information will be sent to parents about this via: emails and fliers sent home/posted in the school. Every district has plans for this type of drill, the aim is consistency throughout the district. The goal for the reunification drill is to practice and test the procedures so students/school staff/parents can be better prepared in case of a real emergency event. The reunification drill is set for Tuesday, November 27th in the afternoon. The kids will be held in the gym. Parents will need update the approved emergency contacts on the portal. Those adults picking up their child(ren) will need to bring identification. Weber School District information on this drill can be found at

Sharing of DIBELS and SAGE testing data:
SAGE is now known as RISE for 2018/19 school year. SAGE data from last year is out now and can be accessed at Lomond View is doing well. We compared different years and saw a decrease in scores in Language Arts. The leadership teams, as well as grade level teams, are addressing the findings from these tests. Strategies are being discussed and implemented to address student’s needs. Vertical training is also being done to help find and address the gaps between grade levels. Every grade has ELTs (essential learning targets) that have been set as goals for every student in the grade to have mastery of before they leave that grade.

2018 SAGE % Proficient:
Lomond View Weber School District Utah
Language Arts 65% 37% 45%
Math 72% 41% 46%
Science 76% 41% 49%

DIBELS data: The 1st-3rd grade growth from the 2017-18 school year shows that 73% of Lomond View students were typical or above growth by the end of the year. Compare this to Weber School District data for the same growth at 67%.

2018-19 school year - beginning of the year tests on or above grade level:
Lomond View Weber School District
Kindergarten - 80% Kindergarten - 62%
1st grade - 74% 1st grade - 65%
2nd grade - 83% 2nd grade - 72%
3rd grade - 81% 3rd grade - 72%.

Composite Score Report for Lomond View:
2017/18 On or Above Grade Level 2018/19 On or Above Grade Level
K: BOY - 75% MOY - 83% EOY - 81% K: BOY - 80%
1: BOY - 77% MOY - 71% EOY - 79% 1: BOY - 74%
2: BOY - 83% MOY - 84% EOY - 84% 2: BOY - 83%
3: BOY - 84% MOY - 86% EOY - 88% 3: BOY - 81%
BOY (beginning of year) MOY (middle of year) EOY (end of year)

Review of 2018-19 TrustLand Plan:
Lomond View is still in need of a part time math aide for the upper grades. Not all money is being used yet that was set aside for salaries. This money could be used for something else. Potential ideas: replace/upgrade classroom microphone systems; purchase a large TV to use in conference room for use in PLC, PTA, Community Council and other meetings (the screen could be used to share data, look at curriculum, do training, etc.); add wireless access point in conference room. Exact pricing for some of these ideas will be researched and presented at the next meeting. Amending the budget for this will occur at the next meeting if there is the need to do so.

Discuss and vote on a budget amendment:
This will be done at the next meeting.

Other questions and comments:
Lexi had a concern about schools moving to 1 to 1 (one Chromebook for every student). The concern was that too much time may be spent on electronic devices in a days time and that this wasn’t healthy for child development.

Future suggested meeting dates:
(Note: all meetings will be at 3:30 pm)
January 8, 2019
February 19, 2019
March 12, 2019
April 30, 2019

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