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March 6, 2018 Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome, Approve meeting minutes from Jan. 23, 2018. Lisa Bailey Motioned to approve minutes, Lisa Johnson Second
2. Discuss plan for 2018-2019 school year.
a. Teachers need training for new science and math goals b. Teachers need training on the reading program from summer 2017. c. Software and iPads versus Chrome.

3. Questions and concerns

4. Vote to approve for March 9th deadline. -Justin send electronic copy to council for approval
5. Next meetings are: March 27, 2018 at 3:45 P.M. in the library.
● Still need to discuss crosswalks and drop off procedures.
● Are there changes needed for new school year?
● Do the kids need new Emergency Bags [food, water, blanket etc.]
● Set a meeting date; April ?, 2018.
● School events are: Spring Break is the first week. Great Shake Out scheduled.
● Set a meeting day; May ? 2018.
● Technology meeting scheduled for council.
Goal #1 Reading Amend: Beginning of Year (BOY) to End of Year (EOY) Dibels testing with 3% average increase for students “Benchmark.” (Instead of using “Overall”) Look into ways we can help fund/communicate for better participation with Star Tutoring (AmeriCorps).
Possible ways to help get the word out about the need for volunteers- talk with Hailee Fisher
● Sign up sheets sent to different religious groups in community
● Send paper home with students
Goal #2 Math Amendment: Student Learning Objective (SLO) with increase from BOY to EOY “average” growth of 30%. Maria Johnson Motioned, Krissy Hales Second, All Approved
● Offer for teachers to attend training as well as math aides during summer training.
● Leave off TenMarks, and IXL for plan
Goal #3 Technology and Writing Student goal to increase 5 WPM Justin- Send email to council regarding typing program used at the school.
Justin- Looked into copier purchase and if it was possible to use TrustLand money and it is not a possibility.
Safety: Push for May 1st for Digital Safety presentation. Lock Down and Lock Out drills Extra Cameras to be installed in various locations Possible Card Key for students to have access in the building during school hours Lisa mentioned Jeff Johnson coming from Safe Schools Utah to help with Safety April 16th-27th- Organized a Parent Check Out for regulations regarding emergency check-out.
Attended by Lisa Johnson, Lisa Bailey, Detra Berger, Maria Johnson, Jaclyn Wintle, Kelli Jones, Justin Skeen, Krissy Hales

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