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January 23, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Lomond View School Community Council
Meeting in Library at 3:45 on Tuesday, 23 January, 2018
1. Welcome, Approve meeting minutes from November 28, 2017
Welcome: Detra
Minutes from November 28, 2017 Approved
Maria Johnson- motioned for approval
Lisa Bailey- second the motion
2. Review the current 2017-18 Plan and the Budget.
3. Discuss upcoming plan and needs for next year. This plan will need to be finished in February. It will go to the district for review.
4. Discuss school safety procedures. Possible new door locks with key fob entrance and or card pass.
Great Shake Out- discuss with PV CERT to arrange for mock disaster and possible Parent Check Out procedure.
5. Put cameras outside, discussion on coverage, price and if more is needed.
6. Crosswalks and drop off procedures may need to be looked at in the spring and ready for next school year.
7. Questions and concerns,
Suggestion for 10 iPads/Chromebooks (lease) would be ideal for classrooms K-2nd
grades - Justin check on number of charging carts needed for Chromebooks

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