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September 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Date: September 19, 2017
Where: Lomond View Library
When: 3:45 pm.

Jaclyn Wintle
Kelli Jones
Maria Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Bailey
Krissy Hales
Justin Skeen
Detra Berger

PTA President or Co President join in on council w/out being a member of the council.
Invite Lacey Empey or other PTA board member to participate on council
If we feel we need to vote- later date we can vote on position

Notice to public for community council meetings- post on doors, electronic newsletter
Justin check by-laws

Voted on the Chair and Secretary
For: 8
Against: 0

Chair:Detra Berger
Secretary: Krissy Hales

Trust Lands Plan Review:

Goal #1
Reading - Question about improvement by 35%
Is that for students under grade level?
Intervention time for students who are struggling

Goal #2
Technology Education
Improve 5 words per min.
Privacy Act for Technology- House Bill:approval to 3rd party groups
Send note about math program
Anneke teaching technology and typing

Goal #3
Classroom Engagement increase by 10%
Classroom checks
Meeting next week in Salt Lake regarding PLC’s and collaborating to meet student needs and instruction in classroom

Goal #4
Increase students growth 3rd-6th by 30%
Waiting on Ten Marks- pending approval on programs for privacy act

Chromebooks-here the end of this week!
Tech looked through building for technology needs- 18-19 projectors need replacement ($900 per projector)
Amend the budget for projectors?
Set aside extra money for turn-around on technology
Need for iPads in the younger grades-( 7 total iPads to cover 1st and 2nd grade)
*Imagine Learning- check with Becky on pending approval?

Up for school grant- matched up to $5000
Justin applying for grant-WSD Foundation

Posting position for Art/Music teacher :Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art Grant”

Technology needs

Calendar for meetings
3:45 pm-October 24th in the Library
3:45 pm- November 28th in the Library
3:45 pm- January 30th in the Library
3:45 pm- February 27th in the Library
3:45 pm- March 20th in the Library

Send links to Trust Land videos
Scores go out to public on SAGE and Dibels- post link on newsletter

Adjourned until October 24th

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