Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Community Council

Date: September 19, 2017
Where: Lomond View Library
When: 3:45 pm.

Jaclyn Wintle
Kelli Jones
Maria Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Bailey
Krissy Hales
Justin Skeen
Detra Berger

PTA President or Co President join in on council w/out being a member of the council.
Invite Lacey Empey or other PTA board member to participate on council
If we feel we need to vote- later date we can vote on position

Notice to public for community council meetings- post on doors, electronic newsletter
Justin check by-laws

Voted on the Chair and Secretary
For: 8
Against: 0

Chair:Detra Berger
Secretary: Krissy Hales

Trust Lands Plan Review:

Goal #1
Reading - Question about improvement by 35%
Is that for students under grade level?
Intervention time for students who are struggling

Goal #2
Technology Education
Improve 5 words per min.
Privacy Act for Technology- House Bill:approval to 3rd party groups
Send note about math program
Anneke teaching technology and typing

Goal #3
Classroom Engagement increase by 10%
Classroom checks
Meeting next week in Salt Lake regarding PLC’s and collaborating to meet student needs and instruction in classroom

Goal #4
Increase students growth 3rd-6th by 30%
Waiting on Ten Marks- pending approval on programs for privacy act

Chromebooks-here the end of this week!
Tech looked through building for technology needs- 18-19 projectors need replacement ($900 per projector)
Amend the budget for projectors?
Set aside extra money for turn-around on technology
Need for iPads in the younger grades-( 7 total iPads to cover 1st and 2nd grade)
*Imagine Learning- check with Becky on pending approval?

Up for school grant- matched up to $5000
Justin applying for grant-WSD Foundation

Posting position for Art/Music teacher :Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art Grant”

Technology needs

Calendar for meetings
3:45 pm-October 24th in the Library
3:45 pm- November 28th in the Library
3:45 pm- January 30th in the Library
3:45 pm- February 27th in the Library
3:45 pm- March 20th in the Library

Send links to Trust Land videos
Scores go out to public on SAGE and Dibels- post link on newsletter

Adjourned until October 24th

Meeting Notes February 7, 2017

Attending: Kelli Jones, Jaclyn Wintle, Maria Johnson, Krissy Hales, Melissa Chertudi, Kevin Chase, Janet Vause, Detra Berger, Anneke Lindhardt
Jaclyn: welcome all
Melissa: make a recommendation to approve last meeting's minutes
Unanimous vote, turned time to Kevin Chase

Discussion Items

• Discuss goals and sub-goals for the school improvement plan
• $57, 801 Trust lands money available for next year
• Discussion Items as possible needs for next year
o Projectors
o microphone for computer lab and portable
o Chromebooks (one set per grades 3-6)
o IPADS for lower grades
o Ear phones for lower grades
o Continue teacher development through PLC- aide time
o Professional instructional coaching model
o Reading Aide Time usage and value
o Technology aide time usage and value
o Math and Science for Upper Grades
o Change in Science CORE for next year in 6th grade
o Ten Marks program paid vs. free
o Timez Attack program
o Music Grant
o Writing Program

• Action Items: Determine amounts of money to assign to each goal within the plan
o $14,000 reading aide
o $11,500 technology aide
o $3,000 for music teacher grant
o $3,000 for PLC aide
o $500 Junior Achievement entrance (?? Did we change this one?)
o $1,400 Science/math manipulatives (2nd grade $200 rocks, 3rd - $200, 4th - $250, 5th -$250, 6th -$500)
o $5,750 Math aide
o $1,500 Instructional Coaches (aide time to allow them to work with other teachers)
o $900 pilot math program
o $1,200 microphone in Computer lab
o $4,000 Writing program as needed what isn’t will be used for LED projectors

It was motioned by Krissy Hales to vote on the above items and amounts for next year’s plan, Detra Berger seconded the motion. Unanimous approval for amounts and goals as written above.

Thank you and dismiss: Jaclyn Wintle

Meeting Notes January 10,2017:
In attendance:
Kelly Jones, Jaclyn Wintle, Krissy Hales, Janet Vause, Melissa Chertudi, Kevin Chase
Meeting called to order & Welcome: Jaclyn Wintle
Minutes of November 1, 2016 as per email
Discussion Items:
Follow up with Beverly Taylor Sorensons Art program – Teachers would like to continue with music starting in 2017-2018 school year
Follow up with projectors: 5 LED projectors purchased and in classrooms already
$3000 from not using BTSA program-
Where to spend –Ideas: Technology, more projectors, math/science manipulatives/ Writing component

Goals suggestions for next year and where do we want to spend the money?:
Reading aide
Math aide
PLC endeavors -aides to cover classes (computer, music, art etc.), substitute for classes,
Ten Marks school wide
Updated science books
Consistent writing program to use throughout the school

Decision Items
Emergency evacuation drill May 10th – all students dismissed through alphabetical order as if we had emergency situation.
Gather input from teachers and community for next meeting to decide on goals and $ amounts
Next Meeting Feb 7th.

Community input
Thank you and dismiss – Jaclyn Wintle

Minutes from: November 1, 2016
Welcome by Jaclyn Wintle
Approval of minutes from Sept 27, 2016 (as per E-mail by Kevin Chase) - Melissa Chertudi
Discussion items:
• Follow up on Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art grant from teacher discussion
• Follow up discussion on projectors LED $800 vs LCD $500
• Explanation of firewall and internet safety protections provided by WSD
• Discussion of lease vs. buy on technology
• Other items?
Action Items
• Child Access and Routing Plan
• Vote on amend of carry over funding to include projectors AND computer program to allow use of i-Pad/phone broadcasting from teacher device (extra $320)
• Other needs?
• Set next meeting & agenda
Community input
Dismiss- Jaclyn Wintle

Agenda Sept 27, 2016
Welcome: Maria Johnson (last year’s chair)
Action item: Elect new council chair
Discussion items:
explanation of growth from 2015-2016 school year
report on spending from 2015-16 school year

Action items: Decide where to spend overages from last year.
Community input?:
Set next meeting times
Adjourn: new chair

Minutes from September 27, 2016 Community Council meeting
Attending: Kelli Jones, Jaclyn Wintle, Maria Johnson, Detra Waikart, Krissy Hales, Melissa Chertudi, Janet Vause, Kevin Chase
Maria Johnson: welcome all
Decision was made to wait to have elections until the end of the meeting
Discussion items (Kevin Chase):
• Growth from last year on Dibles indicator test shown using beginning of the year to end of year charts showing school wide growth. Quick description of how the Dibles indicator test works using some fluency measures, and some retell. It was also explained how the goals change from beginning to ending of the year. Mr. Chase will bring more data to the next meeting showing growth in just fluency since that is how it is reported to the state Land Trust organization. Data from SAGE testing was shared to show growth in Math. Overall growth of school average was 9.8 when district average was 4.2. It was explained that when you are already the top school in the district for proficiency, it is more difficult to show growth. Efforts within the school to help struggling students appear to be working in helping students understand.
• Finances from last year were discussed showing where money was spent in each of the 4 goals. With $12,552 being spent with goal one to increase reading ability; $20,881 being spent in Goal #2 to increase technology education and availability to students; $2,602 being spent to increase the engagement of students in the; and $4,751 being spent to increase the math understanding in the upper grades.
• It was discussed that members of the council don’t want to see the Arts disappear in the school just because we lost our music teacher from the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art Program.
Action Items:
• It was decided that teachers would be asked about the future of the BTSAP program at Lomond View and that feedback would be reviewed at the next Community Council meeting.
• Vote was held electing Jacklyn Wintle to be the next Chair for our council. (Nominated by Melissa Chertudi, seconded by Maria Johnson, unanimous vote in favor.)
• Vote was held electing Melissa Chertudi as secretary for the council. (Nominated by Jacklyn Wintle, seconded by Kevin Chase, unanimous vote in favor.)
There were not any items brought to the council from community members
It was decided that our next meeting will be November 1, 2016
Adjournment: Jacklyn Wintle